21 July 2009

a Significant Advance

It seems to me that a significant advance in the process of entry by troops can consist of a community growing by 10-20% in the span of a year. But that's just accounting for enrollments and assumes that there is a vibrant, sustainable pattern of Baha'i life to which they're being introduced.

Just a thought.

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  1. In Albuquerque we have achieved about 20% increase in enrollments in the past year. I would say out of those, a quarter of them have stayed in the faith and our moving through the process. Another quarter of them are still around but not very active. The other half we have lost completely. I would say that a quarter of that would have been lost no matter what. We did all we could but circumstances prevailed. The other quarter could have been better consolidated if we were more mature in the process.

    So given a healthy process, if we get 20% enrollment, we could potentially keep 15% and realistically, 13% would become empowered in the process.

    Of course these are just numbers. The real indicator is the personal transformation that we all undergo.