28 September 2020

Moved to Medium.com

 Hi folks. After much frustration with Blogger over the years I finally moved over to Medium.com, which seems to be much easier to manage and share articles. I made a new channel with the Baha'i Coherence name. Please follow here for new posts:


I'm still figuring out some of the details, but as long as you're following the publication, I'll figure out how to send email updates with new articles. Medium does charge $5 for unlimited access to premium content, but my content will remain outside the paywall. If in some strange future I put material behind a paywall, Medium gives everyone 3 free articles a month. 

I've already posted the timely Getting Political, about the Baha'i position on political non-involvement, and a remake of my first post on Baha'i Coherence: Reconciling Genesis with the modern world. I plan on going through my best posts from this blog over many years and cleaning them up for new posts on Medium. 

Thanks for all the good times. 

04 September 2020

Priority: Charity or Baha'i Funds?

Wealth is praiseworthy, if it is earned honestly and used for philanthropic purposes. The desire to better the world leads to figuring out how best to give away money intentionally, getting the most value out of every dollar donated. Giving efficiently means not always responding to the needs in front of your face, but giving consistently to address root problems with a long-term vision.

Naturally, a question arises for Baha'is: how much should I give to charity versus the Baha'i funds?

It turns out, there are many writings already addressing this, and it seems clear that giving to the Baha'i funds should be the highest priority for Baha'is giving to charity. Although it may not be obvious at first, giving to the Baha'i funds is the best way to help the world, because it is building up a solution to address underlying problems. I have two analogies that convey the principle.

01 September 2020

Can Baha'i Assemblies provide welfare?

(I recently wrote about wealth and giving away money, which provide some background to this post about how the Baha'i Funds interplay with charity and welfare.)

I was once on a Local Spiritual Assembly that investigated setting up a humanitarian fund to help individuals in the community who fell on hard times. Of course, superficially this sounds simple: set aside some money and give it to the needy. Similar to the complexities of aid work, there are many pitfalls when crossing over that line of giving away resources. Trying to develop a framework for a local humanitarian portion of the Baha'i Fund was a long process that drove me into researching some interesting areas of the Baha'i Writings.