28 September 2020

Moved to Medium.com

 Hi folks. After much frustration with Blogger over the years I finally moved over to Medium.com, which seems to be much easier to manage and share articles. I made a new channel with the Baha'i Coherence name. Please follow here for new posts:


I'm still figuring out some of the details, but as long as you're following the publication, I'll figure out how to send email updates with new articles. Medium does charge $5 for unlimited access to premium content, but my content will remain outside the paywall. If in some strange future I put material behind a paywall, Medium gives everyone 3 free articles a month. 

I've already posted the timely Getting Political, about the Baha'i position on political non-involvement, and a remake of my first post on Baha'i Coherence: Reconciling Genesis with the modern world. I plan on going through my best posts from this blog over many years and cleaning them up for new posts on Medium. 

Thanks for all the good times. 

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