12 June 2010

Transformed by Prayer

This anecdote comes from a post shared on the blog, http://teaching.bahai.us/.
We visited him at his apartment. He graciously received us and shared a lot about his life history as well as the journey towards the Faith. He stated that he realized that after reading the Bahá’í Prayers, the very same neighbors that he was previously indifferent towards started to look wonderful to him. . . .
I think this is a great example of spiritual and social transformation going hand in hand. His soul is transformed. And in so doing, the character of his relationships with others is changed as well. He has tapped into a source of joy that can aid him immensely in advancing the material and spiritual prosperity of his neighborhood.

In my own life I've found that in prayer I discover the love of God. And when I discover the love of God, I discover other people. Prayer breaks me out of indifference to others and awakens a desire to take action.

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