10 July 2010

A Baha'i Blog about Economics

I want to point people to a wonderful new blog called "Advancing the Spirit of Economics" which is about something that is close to my heart: The rethinking of the field of economics using a Baha'i conceptual framework. Here is a snippet from their introduction
The motivation behind this blog finds its basis in its attempt to investigate the implications of emerging understandings of a need to redefine human nature/relationships/decisions in the context of economic exchange. It is increasingly obvious that current economic models have not been able to address the inordinate disparity between rich and poor, let alone the frustration of many who are forced into work that does not correspond to the higher calling of human beings. In an attempt to redefine common assumptions of economic agents, this blog will draw from assumptions inspired by the Bahá’í writings

So far the blog has included such topics as redefining women's economic empowerment, The role of community in economic life, and rethinking the traditional notions of "development", among others.

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