14 June 2010

A Wrinkle In Time

cranberries on my grape vines
there's got to be a better wine
sauerkrauts make bad girl scouts
and i have all i need

stupendous i can't say the word
without a trip and stumble
journeys go way much too slow
i'm fretting over stubble

needs to bleed grab greedy seeds
it's all a heart was made for
peel the skins and press and grind
suddenly knew what you were there for

christmas bells bring new year chums
but hearts and holley can be won
time and time we'll win them over
we won't need that four-leaf clover

dopey grumpy bashful men
say silly things to girls with vim
but dopes may come and grumps may go
shyly i ask where to go

i think i thought a second's need
would be a why to trim my trees
but trees will come and trees will grow
eternity is in these groves

a baker's dozen isn't many
but this 13, she could feed 20
no more wishes no more lies
about these things i've known inside

for 20 years i've cried and died
a missile's strike was well inside
of all my woes and toes and hairs
and all those hopes on rocking chairs

but now i grow with fertilizer
sometimes it takes something extra
a push, a jab, a wrinkle in time
and maybe i'll turn on a dime

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad that you posted this! I hope more people feel compelled to post there creative stuff here.